Saturday, November 14, 2009


I was going to buy a mouse today, I had got some money and had just enough to get a fair one. But my father said he had some old ones in the basement. So when I'm done with this I'm going to click the "Publish Post" button with a white logitech light sensor mouse.

Everybody who has a laptop uses a touch-pad. Even at home, on their desk, with a laptop that hasn't moved in the last 5 months, touch touch touch.

Personally, I like the mouse better. For the sole reason that it's better. I can play games better, draw better, write better, and most (mice?) have that thing where you can click the scroll and do the quick scroll thing.

What ever happened to the huge home computers with the mice and the loud fans and the blinking lights. What ever happened to screens that were bigger them my head in both mass and volume?

I guess they were naturally selected out. Everything is small now a days. It's good for MP3's I remember when I had to use a CD player. CD players where the height of public technology. And it was only 8 years ago when Steve Jobs put a lower case 'i'in front of 'pod' sold it as a MP3 player for you. Only years ago did things started get drastically small.

We wanted our own computers, we got them. We wanted more space on the computers, we got it. We wanted our computers to be portable, we got it. We wanted the computers to be lighter, we got it. We wanted our computers to go everywhere, we got it.

Face it world, what we want, we will get.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holy Crap It's Christmas in CVS!

You might only get this if you live in America.

Two Sundays ago I when to CVS to help my mother with carrying her bags and groceries. Only yesterday I has been able to purchase Halloween costumes and fake blood and candy of all sorts. But on that day in it's place were giant Santa's and tiny Christmas trees, and the candy from yesterday was 50% off. (I got a whole mouthful of gum for 28 cents). The next week was worse...

I returned the next week once again to help my mother, and any trace of 8 days ago was completely lost. Not a hint that the week before had half off candy and some left-over masks. The candy was now shaped like X-mas trees and jingle bells and all sort of cute things.

What ever happened to the holiday between Christmas and Halloween? Thanksgiving got stiffed this year, overshadowed by it's more famous counterparts. And it's always being left out of the fun. To us it's just a day when we watch football and stuff ourselves silly. I wonder what
Lincoln would do if he found out what his holiday turned into. (Thanksgiving was made into a holiday in America after Gettysburg... I think... but Lincoln did turn it into a national holiday.)

We all take Thanksgiving for granted. So give thanks that you have a holiday to remind you of what you have, not what you don't.