Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sup Angel Dawg (Blag Entry #74)

Hello Peoples!

I've been putting this off for a while now. Since about 3 weeks ago I got the idea to upload a bunch of pictures of my dog, and tell you a little story about his day.

My dog's name is Angel. He's around eight years old. Combined with his neutering, he's calm most of the day. We usually can find him in this position:

Angel loves his walks, especially with my father. I, on the other hand, walk him down the center of the street and barely let him do anything. Here's us getting ready to go out:

I bet you doubted me on the road thing:

After our walk, Angel will take a nap until dinner time:

Oh, before I end this entry, I just wanna say one thing, you see that tree over here?

Fuck that tree.

I hoped you enjoyed meeting Angel, because he doesn't even know you exist! In fact, if you were to come to my house he'll bit your face off. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!