Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Damn it people!


Yes. Last week I went on vacation. I'll spare you the details. All of them. In fact I'm not even going to tell you where I went. I'm only going to tell you very specific things. Like how I gave myself something to do on the day I had nothing to do.
As you know I have a gash in my leg. Well... that gash became a hole. And somewhere along the line the hole became infected. So around the Wednesday of my vacation I saw that it wasn't any better, Deeper even, so I rode over to the local clinic to get my leg checked out.
Short story shorter: It was infected, I have to PROPERLY bandage it (with actual bandages and cloth tape), apply a topical cream, and take antibiotics. Yay.....

Good news is that I secured a lot of cool stuff! Like...
A HO scale GG1
A HO scale Boxcar
3 crushed pennies (the kind you put into the machine and crank the... crank)
A compass.
A tiny music box. (well not an actual box but what you find in the box that makes the music)
A jar the size of a serving of jelly. (Win.)

Other news:

I have recently come to a conclusion. The Internet will never cease to amaze me.
It's so weird. I ether find something horribly graphic, (I.E. Blue Waffles. *shiver*) and then something cuter then I have ever seen. (I.E. The Mean kitty channel on Youtube) I might go searching for something (like a model train made from soda cans) and find something else that's equally awesome as what I was searching for (http://www.flickr.com/photos/23681077@N05/4393890506/in/pool-72787029@N00). Hell, I found a Rubik's cube teacher and got one of the greatest minds on Youtube. (Dan Brown)

All I know, is that at the end of each viewing, I'm always staring flabbergasted at my screen with my mouth wide open thinking... What. The. Crap.

There is a picture here.

NOTE: I have recently learned how to add titles to my images. I have also decided to abuse this power.