Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Internet

Just a few decades ago, people were saying "Hey, I heard about this thing called the Internet!" "Now we can communicate by e-mail! No more letters!"
Now look. The internet is now more then a super highway of information. It has evolved into much more. The internet is a host to a infinite about of sub-cultures, each one adding to the grand scheme of "World Wide Web". If we needed to contact someone in Europe, we used to write letters and send them over the coarse of a few weeks. Now we can just send them a E-mail or an Instant Message.
Imagine how stupid the people who said "This 'Internet' will never be anything big" are feeling right now. Everyone uses the internet. You need to know something, you Google it. Imagine that pulses of energy connect the world together.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ima on a... Raft.

So Friday, me and my father decided to take a short vacation. We first went down to Scranton penn. and then up to Port Jervis to go canoeing with my Uncle and other people we go canoeing with.
Scranton seamed to be getting nicer, even though though a bunch of the shops had shut down. I guess the combination of the Mall and the economic downturn killed them off. We went to a small hobby shop, which was nice, but a little small. And, of course, we went to steamtown.
For those who don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Steamtown is a Historic site that operates and maintains steam locomotives. Actually, that's the only reason we actually go to Scranton.
When we got there, we paid the $18 dollars for the both of us ($6 dollars entrance fee, $3 for the "Scranton Limited" trip, and times 2 for the two of us) and we set out upon the park. The only trips they were running was 4 "Scranton limited" trips. The Scranton Limited takes you up to the Lackawanna station and back. We tried to get the first trip, but the lady didn't elaborate on the boarding location. Little did we know that the train leaves at the roundhouse and not the platform. Don't worry, we caught the next one. It was a great way to spend 30 minutes. For dinner we went up to a restaurant "The Marvelous Mugs" which is one of the better ones in the area. Or out of it. What ever.
The next day, we went rafting down the Delaware river with my Uncle, my Fathers Friend, his son, My Uncle's Friend, His wife, their daughter, and her friend. My Uncle's Friend and his Wife would go in a canoe, while the rest of us went down the raft. We had some fun. Jumping around. Taking pictures. Me jumping into the water. Pudding pops. Ninja Stars. Getting stuck on rocks. Lunch. Fish jumping out of the water. Dead fish. Bugs. Snakes. Eagles. Nick-Naming. Me jumping off the raft and banging up my leg. Using a sock to stop the bleeding. Me jumping off a cliff with a bleeding leg twice. More blood. Sunburn. Quite honestly the best part of the summer! Now, if you don't mind. I've been away for my computer for to long and I need to start updating all the things that have built up.

For those of you who are curious. And by that I mean nobody.