Saturday, August 21, 2010

God Damn it.

So I was looking up the correct spelling of Molotov Cocktail when I stumbled across the Columbine School Massacre.

I just want to say, if you ever feel like the whole world is against you, like socity, school, and everyone else is not worthy to survive. Just break down to somebody. Don't keep everything in. Cry, sob, bitch, let all the anger flow out. Somebody will listen. Somebody always does.

And all you people out there who think video-games are real, they're not. That's why they're called games. So don't buy illegal guns and go out killing people just because it's "fun" in a video game. Same with movies.

I just felt that this shouldn't have to happen again. I promise a happier entry next week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

America On-line

God. I remember when I was five, all we had was AOL. There was probably more but AOL is what we used. Aol and Dial-up. Damn, we even used their shitty browser too. I had to have a kid account, which wouldn't let me watch Youtube videos when I was 10. My email address was something unrecognizable by anyone. I didn't even bother to remember it. God damn those days sucked. I rather go home and watch Reba then look up anything on the internet.

Then, one summer, when I wanted to look up this one video that all the kids in school where talking about, and after hours of AOL frustration, I asked my mother "Mom, what is this Internet Explorer thing?"
"Oh, just the same thing as AOl but worse."

As I clicked that shortcut I was freed. I no longer was restricted by my kid aol account. After a year of browsing Anonymously, I got my Yahoo account and began trollin' up flickr. I soon spread to Youtube and the Turboj forums, and then on rockraidersunited. I soon became a blogger, and am now know on the internet as "TheEPICtrainrider" or just "TheTrainRider" in places where I rather not get trolled and the people aren't so nice.

I still remember the days when my reach was locked in by a block and a But now I look back and wonder if I could have gotten onto the internet sooner, and would it have made a difference. Would I have met the same people? I don't know, or care. All I care is that I can now run fire-fox with ad-block and have an actual internet and that you peoples who read my blog read my blog. So I ask you, what was your first browser/email?

And think of all the Aol free-trail disks sitting in land-fills all over the world. Those babies are gonna laaassssssstttttt.