Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fallouch 3

I might be getting Fallout 3 and a Four by Four Rubik's cube. I hear both are awesome, and a little challenging. I feel like I'm just getting some random crap I'll never use again though, ah well, I'll power through.
Spring has finally sprung, I should really take a picture of the tree in my backyard. I'll do it during some April showers. The pear tree is really pretty though, all covered in white flowers and smelling of pollon. hhhmmmm...
Well, my mother just walked into the room, and told me it smells, and needs to be cleaned, be back later.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


How's your Easter Sunday going? I'm doing good. Got some jelly beans and 4 chocolate eggs. Once the sugar rush subsides I should be able to think straight.
But we must remember why we celebrate this day. Today is the day Zombie Jesus rose from the dead to kill the Easter bunny's army of PEEPS.

Happy Zombie Jesus day!

J.K., I went to sunday school you know.