Sunday, October 3, 2010

You have to burn the rope

If this image is down, please tell me in the comments so I can steal another one

Nothing much to talk about except that I'm busy playing TF2 after the update. Gotta earn all those new hats right?

So I've decided to talk about my travels around the internet. This week: The greatest game in the world.

I discovered this game during my travels in the land of Youtube. The locals nearly worshiped it, each one with a shrine to it on their channel. I had to do many trials before they posted a link to it. I had to survive horrible walkthroughs, watch terrifying vlogs, and even participate in a "guest appearance" in a "The idiots of gmod" rip-off. I still wonder how I survived.
After passing the many, MANY trials the natives put me through, they finally let me into on of the game's many resting places; I passed through the veil of a loading screen to a button that said "Click to start."
When my character spawned I awed at the amazing graphics. The complex controls were almost too hard to master, but eventually I got the hang of them. The weapons would have been WAY too powerful, had the enemies not been so tough.
I played for hours on end, crawling my way up to the final level. I quickly solved the maze, which lead to the final boss's resting place. Then I... well, I rather not spoil it for you. But it was the most EPIC fight in the history of video game fights, it took all my skill to defeat him. And I nearly died in the process.

So here's a link to "You have to burn the rope", A.K.A the greatest game in the world. Just be glad I didn't put you through the trials like I was.

I'm glad that you read this.
But how are you going to spend the rest of this day?
Maybe watch a video.
Maybe press refresh and read again.

Yes it's over now.
I didn't want to write a longer blog.
This is it I swear it's true. Oooo Ooo Ooo Oo.