Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm dreaming... of a white... Back yard?

It snowed, despite my predictions that it would be a light snowing, it made it up to a foot in some places. My life became hell when I struggled to get to CVS, where I got some milk and thawed out before making the trek back.
This is a video of my dog struggling to traverse the icy land scape of my backyard. I forced him to make some "Yellow Icy" to prevent him from going on my carpet. Towards the end you can see him wizzing a little bit, only seconds away from making number two (Thank god I shut off the camera right?). Feel free to mock him all you want, he knows you're just haters. I even think he's funny.
Who cares nobody can get out of their driveways, I love snow when it's fresh. I threw some snowballs at a tree out front and dug out a path way. I got 10 bucks for the job and 5 for shoveling one of my relative's walk ways. Snow blowers are for pansies. I even jumped into the snow from the third step on my front porch... then changed my pants.
By the second day of the snow, the plows have already salted up the snow, turning it into a slush that clings to my boots. The adrenaline rush is gone, and It just becomes dirty snow instead of a winter wonder land; every time this happens, I feel like I missed out.
Where I live, we only get snow once in a while... and I should have took more of a advantage of this one.
Only two more days of School left until I'm off for... a while... Never really bothered to count... It keeps the guilt of projects away.

This was more or less a test of the Blogger up-loader. All other videos will probably be uploaded via my Youtube account. I just need to figure out which one. And so far this is taking a long time.

Edit: You can hear my breathing because it's right up in my face. The mic was about 2 inches away from my mouth.