Thursday, October 1, 2009


a while back a had rode the bus, like any other day.
My stop was coming up, so I was standing in the front of the bus waiting for it to stop so I can get off. My eyes wandered around looking from sign to sign, when they fell upon the dashboard of the bus. I noticed a big round button, under a protection case, and it said "FIRE".
My mind then went to the obvious, but then I thought what if it wasn't the obvious... and I came up with this:

It was a normal day for the y13 bus, it was riding down main street, only half full, and was on perfect time. The sky was blue, the sun high in the morning sky, the bus humming down the street when disaster struck. Rush hour traffic! The traffic was so slow, it would have taken hours to get through it. The bus driver didn't even break a sweet about going to be late. He calmly lifted up the protection case, and pressed the "FIRE" button.
Suddenly, to missals shot out of the head lights and blew up the five cars in front of of the bus! the people were thrown unhurt onto the sidewalk by the explosion. The bus repeated this until the route was complete. Then space monkeys started attacking!

I got about that far before I saw a "press in case of fire" sticker under the button. The thought was runined, and It was proven that it was no more then a safety function. And then I got off of the bus at my stop. But for five seconds, I had the funnest idea in months.

And... as far as we know... the sticker could just be a cover up.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


zpam is better then spam. Don't you agree?

Monday, September 28, 2009


I don't know. I'm just sitting here at my computer doing nothing but typing and putting off a essay to do. I really should clean my computer, then do a math project, and write a script for a five minute movie.
Speeking of movies, I really hate how people, to get around youtube's ten minute limit thing, they slice and dice the movie up into many different parts and flood my subscription box with useless crap that I most likely won't wacth. So when I make a movie, I've decided to keep in mind that my movie should be under 7 minutes, which is the point where It just gets boring.
In most cases people think ten minute videos with long and boring talk scences are "professional" and usally put alot of effort into them. I my opinion, the crap they made before was more interestion then what they make now.
Another thing I hate is when people have sound problems on youtube. They usally aren't medical condisions, but really crappy sound work. EX. Most videos have music that is louder then the persion's voice. Or the persion speeks like he has gum in his mouth due to orthidontal wear. Or just has a crappy microphone so they sound like a robot that has been short cirticed.

Anyways, if you make videos on youtube, please... try to avoid the problems I discussed in this blog. pleases... save us all....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Effing power outages.

A transformer caught fire about two blocks from my house. Because of that, the power has been shut down and then turned on again like every half hour. whats worse is that people out side the two block radius have power!!! I don't know if this is Carma or what but it really sucks.
Anyways... there all on cherry pickers now and are poking around up there doing god knows what.
and people are playing hockey to past the time.

The while top was blown off and the transformer was leaking something that would probably give me cancer and really freaking my dog out. Also, the whole neighborhood smells like burnt plastic.

So now I wait until another power shut down and I have no TV.