Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm Home

Hello? Anyone? Please?

It feels good to not pay 55 cents per minute for a crappy connection. *inhales deeply* I can now play Half Life 2, and Portal! Ahhhhh...
Now let's see what I missed during my vacation.

April fools jokes. Like the Xkcd one
Youtube changing it's theme. (the bastards)
Shit happened
People hated on Obama's Health care plan
People hated on the Obama care haters
Tollers Trolled
I got 5 emails
I think some teen got knocked up of some dramatastic show
Currytastic is pending acceptance as a word
I'm thinking about leaving a forum to write a book

Well, I'm all out of ideas. Blog ya later.

Monday, March 29, 2010


No really! I’m on a cruise!

Hell yea! Seven days on the sea, all the food in the world, and best of all… the freedom to sleep as late as I want!
I’m here with my mother, grandmother, and aunt. We haven’t done much yet, so nothing to much to talk about. But I did see the sun rise! Sorta… well… there was a little fog in the distance and… but I know it came up! Seeing the sun rise is one of the many things I want to do before I die. (I can’t at home, because of the trees and buildings… and smog…)
I’d tell you what ship I’m on, and where I’m going to be, but I don’t want any pedophile-rapist-perverted-stalkers to come and make me whack ‘em with… I don’t know… a life jacket?
This is not my first cruise ether. I’ve been on… let’s see… ten or nine. This being the tenth (or ninth). The ships being (in no particular order)

Norwegian Sea
Norwegian Pearl
Norwegian Sprit
Norwegian Dawn
Norwegian Gem
Norwegian Crown

Yes, I have been on one ship more then once. My first being in 2002. (fricken awesome parents) was on the sea, where we went to Canada. My mother kept saying she saw a whale… I’m still not sure….
The thing about this curse is…
A) Cheapness. Crap prizes, video games up 50 cents since last time, removal of the zombie game… And no free booze when you get on the ship. ( I don’t drink, but my mother pointed that out) along with no candies on your pillow… ARRRGGGG
B) Filled to the brim with teenagers. I can’t socialize like that… *shudder*
C) Filled to the brim with flirtatious old people *vomit*
D) Raining today.
You can always tell who are the newbs to Norwegian Cursing. They’re the ones who aren’t relaxing. Or the ones who are too relaxed. And they’re always the ones bitchin’ about the motions of the ship. And yes, you do get used to it.
Anyway, internet is $0.55 cents per minute. See you guyz after I persuade my mother to get the 250 minute package. BYEZORZ.