Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fear of Private Clogging

Hello those-who-stumble-across-my-blag! I'm sorry for not posting a entry earlier, but that's because I've had nothing to talk about! Look! This entry is about clogging toilets!
Whenever I go to somebody's house, I try not to use the toilet. Ever since I was little I've had a real fear of clogging a toilet that was in someone's house. In my house, sure I can just go down and grab the plunger, and start pumping. In a public restroom, I can just flush and run. But in a different house, I have to go up to the owner of the house, tell them about it, have them stop what they're doing, go get the plunger, mess up their clothes trying to unclog my poo, and worse of all, we have to suffer the awkwardness afterward. I'm dead serious when I say that if I were to clog a toilet that wasn't at my house, I would cry. I'd just shutdown and cry.
That's why it takes me so long to go to the bathroom at parties, I need to stare the toilet down. Make sure it doesn't clog after I leave the room. I sometimes make note of the cut-off valves before I sit down.

Well, I'm sure you probably don't want to hear more. So I'll let you get on with your life. Bye.