Sunday, March 20, 2011

What can I do with all these effing papers.

Well I feel like shit. Well... less shitty then the shit I've felt when my life turned to shit for a few shitty days, but I still feel like shit. I'll eventually get over it. Life moves on, and as the 20 or so people who I've asked said life does get better. So why not just bitch about other things completely unrelated to my temporary sadness.
As most of you know, I'm a student. I go to school in the morning and come home at night. I learn for a few hours, do some work, then do some homework when I return to my little cave of solitude. I take tests and do projects.
And that's where something really annoys me. I take 20 or so tests a month. And I get every. Last. One. Back.
I can understand that some children want to bring back their good grades for their parents to look at, but I usually get good grades, thus my parents expect it and I don't get a pat on the back unless I ask for it (not to say I WANT a pat on the back). So when I get these papers back, I just throw them in my bag. They marinate there for a week until it builds up enough that I finally throw them all out. What a waste right?
I've started to just toss them as soon as the teacher looks away. Projects are even worse. Who the hell wants to carry a poster-board home? Fuck that. I toss it out on the way out of the school.
To be honest I think there should be a recycle center. A place where kids can drop their old poster-board for use by other students. A bit a scratching off some tape and WHAM good as new. Save our landfills. Booya.
To deal with the paper is simple: we use it to insulate our underwear. I can't tell you the number of times I've left my fly open and I lose all feeling in my happy place.