Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Pal James

Well, I have a friend at school. His name is James. He should be reading this right.... now. HEY JAMES. WHAT DO WE HAVE FOR MATH HOMEWORK?

James will one day be a billionaire Movie writer. So one day, I'll point to him on the Television screen and say to my kids "I knew that guy in High School. I was his friend. He was the guy who gave me loads of cash so I could pay my bail. He used to give out bagels at lunch. Real nice guy too. Me, him, and other peoples would do all sorts of cool things."

Okay, enough with the dramatization. I'm not even sure we're friends. He's just some guy I talk to, but he's real nice. I've never seen him pissed off in my life. Now I hope after reading this he doesn't become mad or do something horrible like give me the cold shoulder.

Well, another reason I made this post is because I'm messing with the blog design again. So don't adjust your computer screen, everything is alright. And thank you James, for not getting made\ at this post.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Opera Review

So yes, I decided to try out the Opera Web browser. So I thought "Why not make a review on my blog? I'm under qualified, have no life, and have only 4-5 followers with one reader! I'm a perfect for reviewing stuff!" So here you go.

At first it reminded me of Google Chrome, the one time I used it. So, while looking at the fancy-pansy new page I noticed two things. One, it has REALLY smooth scrolling. Two, there was a little hints thing at the top of Opera site telling me that I can search using the navigation bar, so I searched "Dick in a box." The Youtube video loaded (what seamed) faster on Opera, but that might have been because I'm not used to it. But something strange happened. The video, text, and links loaded and worked, but everything else came 10 seconds later. This only happened once though. Later I tried portal Flash, which loaded a bit faster, but played the same.

After that, I decided to check out and ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS. At least ad_block had a ready made list of things to block, but this only blocks certain ones, the rest you have to 'Add'. A nice feature though, is the little blue thing that appears in your navigation bar every time you load a page. It tells you how much of the page is loaded. There are also TONS of other cool things. But I don't like how it's set up. I like Navigation/Address, bookmarks, and tabs. Opera is Bookmarks, tabs, and navigation.

Still, it is better then Aol, and can have a decent fight against Internet Explorer (if you have a mod to block all viruses). There are WAAAAYYY to many fan-boys for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox that it is impossible to find a non-bias test. Even I'm not sure which is better I would recommend it to anyone. Now, I feel like I'm cheating on Firefox. I'm going to go look up youtube videos on kittens with Firefox 3.#'s . You can get it here if you want this browser.

Image (c) Opera Software. I do not own it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ugh... To much to do...

Hello there people-who-read-my-blag. Today I want to give you a list I have in my head of all the crap I wish to do over the next few weeks.

1.Short Animation similar to Turbojuk's Mouse Attack.
2.Finish up my fan fic about LRR.
3.Better blog post then this
4. Add to my *book*
5. Stuff for school that we're doing instead of review.
6. Make a Solar-Jar (this one is more likely*
7. Make a video of my lip-syncing to "Still Alive" or "Never gonna give you up"
8. Burn stuff.
9. Finish My modification for Lego Rock Raiders
10. Piss of a guy at this forum by using horrible grammar and spelling
11. Consider switching blog sites
12. Walk my dawg
13. Moar Modifications of Lego Rock Raiders
14. Declare war on France (ha ha, Just Kidding...)
15. Clean my room

About #11, do you think I should switch to wordpress? Or should I stay here on blogspot? Welp. See you later when I suddenly think of something to say.