Thursday, February 18, 2010


But I lost 3-5 hours of playing it because you need a Windows Live Account to save the game and BioShock 2 had to update... for some reason... I noticed no difference...
Awesome game though, I really want to play more of it. The story feels kinda awkward, considering that in the original BioShock you played as somebody who just fell upon Rapture and who's only guide was a Irish man trying to save his family and communicating with you by radio. Now you're a Big Daddy who had always lived in Rapture and is now guided by a con-man trying to sell technology to the surface.
The same moral values are there, Tennenbalm want you to save the little girls while the other guy wants you to harvest them in order to provide you with enough Adam to get by in Rapture. You still have to kill the Big Daddys and you're enemy is still a right-wing extremist who uses people hyped up on steriodes to kill you at any cost to the city. And Rapture still needs a better maintenance crew.

You know... I just realized how effed up this game really is... ah well... I've heard of worse.

Also, I dont know why, but I always felt like Rapture would be a cool place to visit... you know... before it went to hell.

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