Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ugh... To much to do...

Hello there people-who-read-my-blag. Today I want to give you a list I have in my head of all the crap I wish to do over the next few weeks.

1.Short Animation similar to Turbojuk's Mouse Attack.
2.Finish up my fan fic about LRR.
3.Better blog post then this
4. Add to my *book*
5. Stuff for school that we're doing instead of review.
6. Make a Solar-Jar (this one is more likely*
7. Make a video of my lip-syncing to "Still Alive" or "Never gonna give you up"
8. Burn stuff.
9. Finish My modification for Lego Rock Raiders
10. Piss of a guy at this forum by using horrible grammar and spelling
11. Consider switching blog sites
12. Walk my dawg
13. Moar Modifications of Lego Rock Raiders
14. Declare war on France (ha ha, Just Kidding...)
15. Clean my room

About #11, do you think I should switch to wordpress? Or should I stay here on blogspot? Welp. See you later when I suddenly think of something to say.

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