Sunday, September 5, 2010


So I was trying to play Tf2 with this guy from this forum on this site. The thing is, I never play Team Fortress 2 (It's not my thing), so when I tried to run it I had to update it. Luckily, the update lasted for only 9 minutes.
Then when I finally get to the server page to join him, I couldn't find his server. I couldn't. Effing. Find it. So we agreed to go find a public server. Because I never play Tf2, I had no idea what server to pick from the 10,000 or so. So I began to browse and browse until I found one That didn't look like we were going to get kicked 8 seconds after we joined.
But as soon as the server loaded, my Anti-Virus decided to Scan my computer. Okay, so I told it to always scan at 10:00pm every Sunday, but not while I'm in the middle of the game! So I begin to panic about how my screen was frozen, so I Ctrl-Alt-Delete'd and tryed to start Task Manager...

And Explorer.exe crashes.

So I spent the next five minutes trying to get out of the void of blackness that is my screen, until explorer.exe restarted. When I shut my anti-virus down and returned to TF2, the game had glitched and I couldn't do jack. I was spectating, like before you re spawn, but I had not chosen my team and whatnot. When I tried to re-connect the server filled THE MINUTE I DISCONNECTED. FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE.

So I said eff it. Told the guy I didn't feel like playing right now, and came here to bitch on my blog.

So peoples who stumble across my blog, here's a funny comic a found on Deviant art by user Jollyjack. I hope it makes you smile because it didn't make me smile!

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