Saturday, February 5, 2011


You know, books are a great metaphor for friendship. You usually find them by coming across them at a shop, or another friend recommends them. Then you start out, carefully treading around each other trying to get each others boundries. You slowly move in with curiosity to see who they really are, and if you actually like them. And most of the time you do. So you two head off together gaining trust and experience. You're consoled by your friend, and by a book. They give you strength when your heart is feeble, they give you love when your heart is broken. They bolster your spirits when your feel weak, and they give you advice when your mind's gone blank. Sure, now and then you may argue. Disagreeing on how things should be done; leaving both parities exhausted. So you put your book to the side for a bit and play some TF2 to blow off some steam. And like a good friend, you'll always pick up a good book again.
The plot rises up, and you're soon engulfed in a massive adventure, the big one. You reach the height of the book and explode. Laughter and sadness and joy and anger all flow into one moment when everything comes together and you and your friend are at the best time of your lives. But then things slow down. And your lives grow on, and away from each other. And then you look at the pages and see the number of pages left shrink. So you talk. Talk about what's going to happen and if everything is going to be alright. And it is. Just you're not going to be with that person anymore. Finally, you break out into tears when you hug your friend and read the last paragraph of your book, before they board the train to forever. They won't come back, they shouldn't come back. Sequels are unnecessary for something as good as that friendship, the most you can do is see each other over coffee and talk about memories. Then you read the last sentence as the train pulls away and watch as it travels into the distance as your eyes move over the final words: The end.

Then you must pick up a new book. And trust me. They're plenty more books left to read, even if they're not THAT book, they're still good ones. Ones with their own plot and flavor of friendship. And they'll end too. But you'll always have the storys you read, they can never take the memories from you. Unless you're apart of some loony government conspiracy or suffer head trauma. In which case you should consult a doctor or perhaps a physiologist.


  1. This is so beautiful! You made me tear up! I'm going through extreme change right now, and this really stabbed at my heart. Great work!

  2. u like books give this a go