Monday, September 28, 2009


I don't know. I'm just sitting here at my computer doing nothing but typing and putting off a essay to do. I really should clean my computer, then do a math project, and write a script for a five minute movie.
Speeking of movies, I really hate how people, to get around youtube's ten minute limit thing, they slice and dice the movie up into many different parts and flood my subscription box with useless crap that I most likely won't wacth. So when I make a movie, I've decided to keep in mind that my movie should be under 7 minutes, which is the point where It just gets boring.
In most cases people think ten minute videos with long and boring talk scences are "professional" and usally put alot of effort into them. I my opinion, the crap they made before was more interestion then what they make now.
Another thing I hate is when people have sound problems on youtube. They usally aren't medical condisions, but really crappy sound work. EX. Most videos have music that is louder then the persion's voice. Or the persion speeks like he has gum in his mouth due to orthidontal wear. Or just has a crappy microphone so they sound like a robot that has been short cirticed.

Anyways, if you make videos on youtube, please... try to avoid the problems I discussed in this blog. pleases... save us all....

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