Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm zombiefing a dead topic.

Remember the old argument? Pirates vs Ninjas? I have taken it a step further and discovered the ultimate life form....

Ninja Zombies

Ninja stealth and awesome kung-fu plus Zombies not being able to die and the ability to eat brains makes a perfect and deadly combination that cannot be defeated (so they say).

Now where do pirates come into this?
Here is where.

Lazar eyed Pirates.

Pirates who can shoot Lazars from their eyes. The Lazars can even melt diamond and set fire to a chunk of charcoal from 2 miles away. And they can adjust the Lazar strength. From 'pet toy' to
'Death Star'

Now, who would win a fight?
Lazar eyed Pirates, or Ninja zombies?

You decide.

Please note: Ninja Zombies have actually been around before I put them to this practicality of fighting ageist Lazar eyed pirates. Google is awesome right?

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  1. [quote=LordZakida]IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR[/quote]

    Lazar Pirates WIN.