Sunday, November 15, 2009

It was Teabing

I just finished reading the Da Vince code. It was awesome. You should all read it if you don't get the title of this post. Of course now you will see that it's a spoiler.

You should be warned now that the following post is full of spoilers.

I was shocked when Dumbledore died at the end of Harry Potter 6 (the book). Who would have thought that Snape killed him? It was more shocking when we find that Dumbledore called a hit on himself, that he planned for Snape to kill him. Imagine of Draco did it, how awkward would that be? The greatest wizard off all time taken down by a 16 year old.

I nearly crapped myself when Obie-Wan chopped of Anikan's arms. Who saw that coming? I always thought they would send Anikan to some anger management class and they would live happily even after. (Of course the breaking point was the murder of all the Jedi and the younglings)

When wall-e was broken I almost cried.

The most epic ending to a movie was when Brody shoots the sucuba tank and causes the shark to be blown to into meat chunks (may I point out that the blood will most likely attract more sharks). If you say "Smile you son of a Bi-" to anyone in America, they will know the reference.

So I ask you, person who stumbled upon my blog, what is your favorite ending to a movie?

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