Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Told you I wanted BioShock 2

It's going to be here in 6-5 buissness days!!! YAY! I HAVE A BRAKE FROM SCHOOL THAT WEEK. :D x10^∞

Also, blizzard warning, so I had no school today. I spent most of the day on the computer, and in the kitchen. I went out twice to shovel snow, both my house and my grandmother's. And the snow was perfect for snowballs. Tomorrow morning I'll go out again and shovel some more, before I leave for school (if there's school >:) ) and will spend the rest of my free time on the computer, and updating mah blog for the one person who actually reads it (I see you there, looking at your computer screen...)

Anyway... I have nothing else to say here... so... go ahead and spam random links in the comments.

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