Saturday, May 8, 2010

Got a Radio

Yep, went to a church sale and got a pretty good radio. I'm listening to it right now. But that's not what I'm talking about today. What I'm talking about is a Vacuum.

My mother has a Vacuum for... a really long time. She'll let me take it apart when it breaks, so I will have access to a fan motor. Which gave me a idea for a marble lancher. But marbles can hurt people... people who can sue me. So I got a better ammo... Paper Clips!

Paper Clips are very cheap, lightweight and easy to instal! And who ever died from a paperclip! Nobody! So I made this cheap picture of what I want to build...

It seams easy enough, I mean... All I need is some plastic, 2 springs, a wheel, a motor, a power source, a rubber band, a button and some paperclips. The springs in the clip would push the paperclips up to the spinning wheel, where they would be flung of into the target. I can imagine all the people who work in a office wanting one of these... All I need is a motor that isn't small. Hopefully the Vacuum motor will be fairly powerful, and not too big. I might need some counterweights if it's heavy....

Also, New Setup, Hope you guys like it.


  1. Idea is nice. "When it breaks" - that could take some time. Why not shorten the time? *hint, hint*

  2. I get the feeling that will jam like nothing else. But good luck with it. If you can perfect it, you may well be able to patent the design.

  3. Oh right, forgot to mention - chances are, it won't work on battery. Not for very long anyways...

    Vacuums use 1440 watts on average, which no battery will provide for long. You'll either have to make it run slower, recharge after one second of firing, or buy a huge battery for a LOT of money. Sorry for taking all the fun out of it. :P

    (Last option would be connecting it to the mains which is no fun either.)

  4. Anonymouse, I might be able to fix that, and I'm going to use... Capacitors? I'm not sure what the term is... but If nothing else works I have a crap-load of Can-battiers that won't work as well, but it'll get the job done.