Monday, May 17, 2010

Revolution (and Free Portal Link)
(Good until May 24th)

But other then Valve being Epic, I have a Xkcd comic for you to check out over there. This Comic will be what we will follow from this point on.
I want to build a relation ship with you guys. No really. NO! Really.
But before I can build a relationship, I need a better community that I can have a relationship with. And the key to that is having content people will want to read. The issue is, all the content people want to read is bull crap to me, so we need to create something better... something that will make links be posted from the Blogosphere to the deep, cluttered servers of private websites. We need people to be chatting about us (in a good way) on 4chan. We want Links in the description on Youtube, profiles mentioning us, we want groupies, facekbookers, tweeters, myspacers, bloggers, cartoonists, black, white, Asian, from Americans to Canadians, Europeans to Indians EVERYONE. We want the gamers to say "Hey man, check this epic blog" while recording their walkthroughs. We want the tangled jungles of the forums to have topics about us! We can, nay... WILL be the better blog of tomorrow. Today!
Today yes Today! This is the beginning, of a revolution. Today is the day, where we being the fight to make asuperepicblog the best damn blog on the internet. We were once a blog with me talking about a power-outage in my neighborhood, but we will become a blog that thousands, millions, even BILLIONS of people will look at. The entire internet will be reading the words that flow from my keyboard. There is only one problem... What to write about?
Everyone has different tastes, but what is one thing that everyone will like to read? This, my loyal followers, is the only thing in our way. So post a comment, and change the blogs of tomorrow.


  1. way to hope! good luck getting tons and tons o' readers (=

  2. You? YOU!? You and what army? :P

  3. The army of the internet. By that I mean people who are really newbs and want a better place to play WoW.

  4. WoW Sucks Right now, you need to P2P