Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Libraries & Museums

First topic we will cover is Libraries & Museums. More or less, places where we store knowledge.
I always liked Libraries & Museums. They always had a mystery about them, like they were places where smart people go to drop their daily knowledge off after a hard day's learning and figuring stuff out. I never knew why people don't go to libraries more. That's where we locally store most public human knowledge. I guess it got beaten by the advent of the internet; which is better overall. But Libraries will never die, oh no no no. There's just something about holding a book in your hands, rather then hurting my eyes trying to read the incredibly bright text, that can't be replaced.
Now Museums are the best. They take the knowledge of the Library, and make it first hand, Or really First Hand*. But I always liked Museums, regardless of how they enforce their no-touch-because-you'll-damage-the-billion-dollar-rock. Though, almost anything over 150 years old bores the crap outta me. No really. We went to a museum about Revolutionary War and the toilets were all clogged after we left.
Books are amazing. I love them. My mother reads them, I read them. They can take my mind anywhere, 20,000 leagues under the sea or to a castle in England to learn Witchcraft and Wizardry. The only thing I hate is when they make a movie from a good book.
Harry Potter 3+ all sucked. They were gloomy, dark, and depressing really. I bet you the darkest moment in Harry Potter 1 is still brighter then the happiest moment in Harry Potter 3.

And Fuck you makers-of-the-Eragon-movie. I lost my faith in the movie world for 3 years after that. Fuck you. FUCK. YOU.

*Touch the glass and I'll blow your fucking head off.

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  1. YES! Yet another person who realized how much the eragon movie SUCKED! The book was good though :D

    And I DO. NOT. LIKE. MUSEUMS. They're boring IMO, except for technology museums ('80+) with old and new computing tech :D